Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Finger Jab Drills in JKD

Finger Jab Drills in JKD 

The leading finger jab is the fastest attacking weapon. Since you do not clench your fist, you add several more inches to your reach. 

Your hand should resemble a spear. To develop speed in the finger jab, you need a great deal of practice and initiative. Speed relies on economy of motion. 

Some people say performance speed or physical speed is genetic, however, it can be developed through the right training. 

In this video Colin is working on non-telegraphic movement from the on-guard position finger jab without a foil which is simple and direct, formless, shapeless, like water. Water can flow or it can crash!

In this exercise is to have a partner attempt to block your finger jab as you throw it at his face, if partner able to block you continue with another finger jab strike to your partner.

What is the benefit of this training drills and how to do it?

1. Gets a training partner measures off around 2 feet from his extended arm away from your partner who is taking on the role of trainer. 

2. You attacks with a finger jab to the trainer goggle. 

3. Trainer tries to block the your attack. As trainer try to pick up your attack on preparation. For example, you will move your body first and then your hand, instead of hand first or notice large body motions like dropping or raising the body a split second before the attack or your elbow comes out first, or he may notice a slight facial expression before your attack. 

4. Once your attack has gotten rid of all physical preparation, the trainer seems to be able to sense when you will attack. He will start to perceive your physical tension, which will occur a split second before you attacks. 

5. You need to learned how to hide this physical tension, Then you may be able to then work on what Bruce Lee called non-intention. This is the difficult stage where “you don’t hit. It hits by it self”. 

6. When you are able to hit with the finger jab without intention, it is impossible for the trainer to block you. If you strike without any preparation and without intention, your hit will land before it is seen. 

7. If you practice the finger jab for a long time, you will be able to notice when the defender/trainer’s concentration wavers. As soon as you noticed trainer’s focus waver, you strike. 

8. The advantage of this training is the trainer gets to analyze every member of the class for their preparation of attack it becomes much easier to recognize an attack and therefore to intercept it. 

9. If your finger jab attacking becomes too easy from 2 feet away, then you move to 2 and half feet away. 

10. If you keep making it more and more difficult for the yourself, you will continue to keep growing and growing as a martial artist.