Monday, January 12, 2015

To Improve Fighter's Reflexes, Timing, Distancing and Speed in JKD Training Method

So many martial artists and fighters spend so much time building strength and muscular speed, perfecting flashy, complicated techniques, and improving their cardio.

But how many spend any real time improving their Reflex, Timing, Distance, Speed?

In the street fight, fast reflexes can mean the difference between life and death. You don't want to be the slow one - you don't want to be dead.

For this JKD Training Method we isolate having your partner throw nothing but a kick at you while you defend. Determine what you need to work on and to Improve your Reflex, Timing, Distancing and Speed.

Your offensive reflexes can be honed by focusing on how to recognize and react to specific situations and openings. Have you partner randomly create an opening which you must react to or throw a specific counter attack.

If you devote the time to really training these drills you should see results. It is very important for you as a martial artist to devote time to improving your reflexes.

In this training video you can see the speed of both partner are the same slow and steady.